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Life Beyond The Diet - Mindset Mastery Self Study Program

Are you finally ready to…

  • Free yourself from the obsession with food and body image?
  • Discover your true hungers in life and reconnect with your passion?
  • Develop a health and balanced relationship with food?
  • Begin living your life with purpose and clarity?
  • Create balance in your life?
  • Learn how to develop sustained and lasting healthy habits?
  • Embrace radical self-acceptance?
  • Stop being your own biggest critic and instead become your own best friend?

 Are you ready to move beyond the struggle and the yo-yo cycles you have been caught up in way too long?

Then you are ready to create your Life Beyond The Diet. 

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How Do You Know If This Program Is Right For You?

  • You’ve tried countless times to create lasting change but you've become distracted and easily lose momentum. Your approach has not been consistent or sustainable. You are tired of trying and ‘failing’.
  • You realize that you can’t do this alone – and you no longer want to go back to the demoralizing yo-yo cycle of starting and stopping.
  • You are ready to stop doing the same things and expecting different results – you know that only adds to your pain. You know it’s time to do something different.
  • You are in a place where you have had enough, and are ready to invest in yourself and your happiness. Deep down you know you are worth it – and you have had enough playing small. You are ready to grow.

This program has evolved out of the work that I have done helping people heal their relationship with food over the last decade. I have identified 12 mindset shifts and action steps necessary in order to make changes that last.  

Through the 12 modules, I walk you though these mindset shifts in a way that is straight forward, action oriented, and do-able. Each module is a specific “Insight Road-map”; focusing on one topic a week, and is complete with the teaching and tools that will help you create a deeper understanding of the materials, and how to apply it to make lasting changes in your own life. 

Each lesson is multi modal, involving reading materials, video, audio and weekly exercises. This program is sold as a self guided course, but can be purchased in conjunction with coaching, depending on how much support you desire along your journey. To learn more about coaching, please contact me for more information.

Are you ready to create your Life Beyond The Diet?


Program Overview

12 weeks - 12 modules – This program is designed to deliver to you, in a strategic and easy to digest way, the lessons and mindset shifts necessary to change your relationship with food and body image.  The modules you will receive cover the topics necessary for making sustained, lasting changes.

Below you will see a summary of the weekly modules, and all of the powerful resources made available to you in this program.

Weekly Strategic Training Modules

  • Connecting With Feeling
  • Intention + Attention
  • Belief, Being + Behavior (The BBB’s)
  • The Hunger For Self Love + Compassion
  • Releasing The Weight
  • Authentic Appetite
  • Balance + Duality
  • The BBB’s of Food and Exercise
  • Internal vs. External Power
  • Needs + Soul Hunger
  • Understanding The Change Process – The Spiral Of Change
  • Integration + Implementation

Psycho-educational Videos:

  • Physical Hunger Vs. Emotional Hunger - Learning To Tell Them Apart
  • The Yin/Yang of Balance 
  • Creating a Balanced Relationship With Food: How To Recognize + Change Black & White Thinking

9 Guided Meditation Downloads – Created exclusively to compliment the modules of the program, these guided meditation downloads are powerful tools in helping you change the deeply ingrained, often unconscious beliefs that are holding you back and blocking you from making the changes you know you deserve to see in your life.  Each track is professionally mastered and is recorded on top of a  Binaural Beats Track, which is an auditory illusion designed to help bring the listener into a deeper state of relaxation. 

  •  Healing The Inner Child Guided Meditation
  • Daily Gratitude Guided Meditation
  • Body Love Guided Meditation Download
  • Authentic Appetite + Mindful Eating Guided Mediation Download
  • Want Vs.  Choice Guided Meditation Download
  • Harnessing Your Inner Authority Guided Meditation Download
  • Honoring Your Needs Guided Meditation Download
  • Understanding The Process of Change Guided Meditation Download
  • Mindful Integration Guided Meditation Download

Worksheets / Activity Downloads / Tools:

  • Life Beyond The Diet Manifesto Printable
  • Feeling Wheel Printable 
  • Morning + Evening Intention Blueprints
  • My Daily Intention Printable
  • My Strengths Inventory 
  • Intentional Release Mapping Form Exercise
  • The Plate” Exercise (for those of us who have too much on our plate)
  • Good food” vs. “Bad Food” Blueprint
  • Mindful Eating Resource Guide
  • Enhancing Creativity Worksheet
  • “Nourishing The Soul” Blueprint
  •  Sensory Wheel Clarity Tool
  • Authentic Action Steps Printable


I specifically have created this self guided class to be accessible to anyone who wants to change. For that reason, I have priced this course, with lifetime access to all of the materials listed above at just $310.00.

Don't continue to put your life on hold.

Get started today, and create your amazing Life Beyond The Diet.