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23 Lenox Pointe Northeast
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Life Beyond The Diet™ Group

Who - By Interview Only - Contact us to schedule interview

  • women in recovery from disordered eating
  • women who want to create a healthier relationship with food + improve body image
  • women who want improve their health on a mind / body / spirit level
  • women who are ready to change their mindset and free themselves from negative cycles of unhealthy behavior


  • 12 week group based on the 12 mindset shifts necessary to create permanent and sustainable change. We will follow the Life Beyond The Diet™ method, and work together as a group to develop new, healthy mindsets and behaviors around food, change, + our deeper relationship with self.
  • You will receive access to all of the Life Beyond The Diet™ method materials as part of your group membership. Included are:
    •  12 Training Modules – This program is designed to deliver to you, in a strategic and deliberate way, the lessons and mindset shifts necessary to change your relationship with food and body image.

       There are specific mindset shifts, and action steps to take that make up the journey of recovery, and through the 12 modules, we walk you though these mindset shifts in a way that is straight forward, manageable, but also action oriented, so you can begin making changes on day 1.

      Each lesson comes in an interactive PDF document, so that you can journal in the documents themselves, or, if you choose, you can complete this work in a journal. We will provide you with the materials in work book form at the beginning of the group, so It is entirely up to you.

      In addition to the modules themselves, each module includes access to other powerful tools to help you deepen your experience and learning. You receive access to:

       2 Exclusive Life Beyond The Diet Webinars  - created solely for the purposes of this course, and not available anywhere else. These webinars are designed to teach you principles and new mindset shifts critical to deepening your self acceptance, self confidence and permanently changing your relationship with food + body Image. You will watch these webinars as part of the weekly lessons and they are yours to keep and re-watch at your convenience.

      9 Guided Meditation Downloads – Created exclusively to compliment the modules of the program, these guided meditation downloads are powerful tools in helping you change the deeply ingrained, often unconscious beliefs that are holding you back and blocking you from making the changes you know you deserve to see in your life.

Life Beyond The Diet Exercises and Worksheets - Blueprints, Mapping Tools, and other exercises and printable worksheets designed to work with the program during the next 12 weeks will be made available to you online and in your workbook. These worksheets and creative exercises will help you to dig deeper than you have ever gone before. Created specifically for this program, these worksheets are designed to help us flow through the different phases of change as we work towards your goals together.

  • Group support + accountability to assist you in making healthy changes in your life.


  • Wednesdays from 11:30-12:30am EST


  • 23 Lenox Pointe Location - Tara Arnold's Office (downstairs).


  • Groups are led by Either Dr. Tara Arnold or Rebecca Clegg. Additional CHI Staff Therapists may co-lead groups for additional support and wisdom.


  • Initial Interview For Group - 50 Minute Session -$190
  • Materials - Life Beyond The Diet Program Materials $99
  • Each Group is $65
  • 24 week commitment necessary